With a sensational sophomore season, to say the least, Obi Toppin is ready to take his talents over to the NBA. Toppin showed much growth and maturity throughout his two seasons at Dayton. Now, he is ready to take his game to the next level. Let’s look at a few teams who could use Toppin’s caliber on the floor.

1. Phoenix Suns:

Toppin has the potential to become Amar’e Stoudemire 2.0 if he ends up in Phoenix. The Suns are in desperate need to bring help to Devin Booker. Deandre Ayton was supposed to come in and make a difference for Phoenix, which has not happened as of yet.

Maybe Toppin coming in could change the dynamic of that Phoenix organization. His energy on the floor can bring some life to that Suns team and could be a difference-maker in the long run. Phoenix better hope to land a top draft pick this summer. And if they use it wisely, they should choose Toppin for that pick.

Obi Toppin

2. New York Knicks:

Toppin’s last season showed that he can show up and rise to the occasion when he is needed to. And playing in the bright lights in New York City would make the fans appreciate the kid for his effort.

The Knicks have great young talent in RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson who continue to improve game by game. Adding Toppin would be the icing on the cake in rebuilding with some young talent.

Toppin would be great in running the pick and roll action with Barrett and would easily become a defensive anchor. We know how poorly the Knicks are run due to the front office. But there’s a possibility that if Toppin goes to New York, we may forget about how gruesome it is up top.

Obi Toppin

3. Cleveland Cavaliers:

The rise of Collin Sexton has put the Cleveland Cavaliers in the right direction as far as a playoff team. Adding a guy of Toppin’s caliber could possibly speed up the rebuilding process and take the team right where they want to be.

Toppin could possibly be great in pick and roll action with Darius Garland and would take much pressure off of the backcourt mates. He also could be a defensive anchor for this team being under the basket and paying attention to everything on the floor.

Toppin has the possibility to change the culture in Cleveland due to his tenacity on the floor. If they have a chance to take Toppin in the draft, the future would be very bright for the franchise.

Obi Toppin

Obi Toppin took a huge leap from his freshmen to his sophomore season for Dayton. He was efficient from the floor and was very active making all of the hustle plays. Heading into this year’s draft, Toppin will be an important piece that everyone should keep their eye on for the future. Whichever team he lands on, he has the utmost potential to come in and set a new standard for a struggling franchise.

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