A guy who has been tearing up the league this season and is one of the reasons why the Drive are 4th seed in the East. Jordan Bone is an exceptional player who loves to win and will do anything necessary to keep his team afloat. His impact on the court has lead to some NBA Executives noticing his play and hopefully it will lead to him seeing the NBA floor again.

Bone was selected in the 2nd round of the 2019 NBA Draft by the New Orleans Pelicans before eventually landing a spot in Detroit for the Pistons. Bone would then sign a two way contract with the Pistons to play for the Grand Rapids Drive to continue to improve himself as an individual player.

Bone is an exceptional scorer who a team cannot leave open in key moments. When he gets hot on the perimeter there is no stopping him no matter who you put in front of him. He also runs the point guard position well as he can set his teammates up whether it’s running the pick and roll or finding guys out on the perimeter. Bone’s IQ for the game is the reason why he’s known as one of the top prospects playing in the G League this season.

Bone this season is averaging 18 points and 7.3 assist for the Drive this season. He has ran the show all season for the team and has given this team nothing but success so far this season. He’s gotten much buzz around the league from other players and coaches raving about his style of play and how he is an elite scorer at all times when he is on the floor. It’s no question that he is on top of each team’s scouting report as teams try to figure out how to slow him down when they play against his team.

The G League may have not been the first option if you ask Bone. But he has accepted the challenge to do what he has to do to improve his game overall and help his team win during the process. Looking at him on the court, he looks to be excited to play with his teammates and looks to compete with them on a nightly basis.

Some of Bone’s notable games this season has been scoring 28 points against the Wisconsin Herd, 23 points against the Swarm, and even exploding for 34 points against the Legends in a huge comeback victory. Bone’s ability to put on a show for the crowd is special and his team can always count on him to make a huge play late. Let’s hope he can keep the momentum going come playoff time.

To get back into the NBA, Bone is an elite level of talent and could be used by Detroit or possibly any other team in the NBA looking for a young guard. One place he can improve upon is attacking the defense and getting into the teeth of the bigs.

Bone loves to take advantage and get into the paint when the paint is open. But just think what other opportunities this kid can create attacking the defense going to the rim. He could possibly draw fouls or even draw double or triple teams to kick it open to another teammate. When all eyes are on Bone, he can make any play out of this world. So finding new ways to be aggressive on the floor can lead his team to even more success as other guys will be pushed to step up big.

Jordan Bone will continue to develop as his career progresses. He was put in this situation for a reason and it’s great to see him succeeding in the G League this season. Will his play eventually lead the Pistons to bring him back onto their roster? That will be something we may see before the end of this season or even during the summer league.

Bone just has to continue to be a leader both on and off the floor and give his teammates energy. When he’s in attack mode it takes the Drive to a much different level. It’ll be interesting where he takes them going into the playoffs as they compete for a championship.