Many will call him under the radar due to Georgia not being a ranked team this season, but Freshmen Guard Anthony Edwards has played like none other through the course of this season. His competitive play on both sides of the floor is one of the reasons why the Bulldogs have found much success so far this season. If everything goes right for this young man, there is a big chance that Edwards could end up being the first pick in the NBA Draft after this season.

Edwards has been in attack mode this season for Georgia averaging 18.4 points per game along with 5 rebounds per game for the Bulldogs. He has been the X-Factor so far for his squad and is part of the reason for the Bulldogs great run during this season. It is no question that Edwards is an elite level of NBA talent as he is so gifted offensively. His game can only elevate from where he is now going forward with his basketball journey.

Edwards is a combo guard with much size and athleticism. He is able to have a huge advantage against his defenders as he is able to blow by his defenders with his size and athleticism. Weighing at 225 lbs, Edwards is huge as far as frame and muscle for his size. To many people, he is known as the Zion Williamson of his position. Both players are so built and full of energy as they try to attack the paint at any moment. Hopefully Edwards can prevent injuries during his career so he can remain to be the most athletic as he possibly can.

Ever since he made his official commitment to the Bulldogs, Anthony Edwards’ mentality was to come in and be apart of a winning environment. Seeing how he plays on the court and how much he bonds with his teammates, many can tell that Edwards was comfortable with the decision he made and is enjoying being apart of a great organization. “This is my hometown” Edwards said. “They have a great team and a great coach, I just wanna play for Georgia. Due to him being so close to home, Edwards is able to put on a show for his home and be an outlet for others to be great as well.

One of Edwards’ most notable games this year has to be against the Michigan State Spartans. He had a very quiet first half with just 4 point entering halftime with his team down big. Well, whatever coach Tom Crean said to these guys in the locker room, it sure lit a fire under both Edwards and the Bulldogs going into the 2nd half. Edwards came out of the locker room very engaged and blacked out going on a scoring rampage to start the 2nd half.

Edwards was shredding the Michigan State defense with his size and agility. He was creating opportunities for himself in the mid range along with being scorching hot dropping deep three pointers. Edward’s dominance on the offensive end brought the Bulldogs back to within 2 points late in the game giving his team hopes of a comeback win. Unfortunately, the Spartans executed well on the offensive end and eventually slowed down Edwards to secure the win being led by their team leader Cassius Winston.

Anthony Edwards elevates for a mid-range contested jumper.

Edwards finished with 37 points in the game with 33 of them in the second half. He was locked in throughout the 2nd half playing his heart out to bring his team back after a terrible first half. That just shows to you Edwards competes at the highest level all 40 minutes of the game to try to keep his team afloat. Most teams would put their heads down after a poor first half, but Edwards decided to turn it up a notch giving his team hope that there was a chance to get leave the game with a victory.

Having other strong performances throughout this season, Edwards is projected to be the number 1 overall pick in this year’s NBA Draft. And to be honest, who could blame him? This kid has the most exceptional talent in College Basketball and there’s no one at his position who can really be physical with him due to his size. Now he’s competing for the number 1 spot with the likes of LaMelo Ball, RJ Hampton, and others. But if Edwards continue his high volume of play through the rest of the season, the top pick will most definitely be his.

The future for Anthony Edwards is a bright one as he transitions from the college level to competing in the NBA next season. But first, it’s important that he takes care of business this season and lead Georgia to a comfortable spot before the NCAA Tournament begins. Although they have upset losses the past couple games against Auburn and Kentucky, Georgia is in a good position as a team and they have to work every day to be the team that they want to be. And with that happening, who will that all start with? The sensational Anthony Edwards!