Through the first few weeks of the shortened G League season, many stars have jumped out the gates with killer performances. In seven games so far. Kenyon Martin Jr has made his impact known with the Vipers. He’s been an elite scoring option for the team while playing alongside another elite NBA prospect, Kevin Porter Jr.

Looking into KJ Martin

For those who have watched Martin since his days at Sierra Canyon, you are familiar with what he already brings to the table. He brings a lot of energy to the floor as he can play inside and out. His ability to be ambidextrous also allows him to show no weaknesses when attacking the basket. Rio Grande as a team has struggled to find a rhythm as a team this season. Despite the abnormal circumstances, Martin has continued to play in attack mode, providing a spark on both ends of the floor.

Performance this season

In his first season at the professional level, Martin is averaging 19.4 points along with 12.4 rebounds. His activity on both ends has been far-fetched and he continues to put pressure on the team’s defense. There were concerns for Martin after his first game against the Clippers, as he shot 4/15 from the field. Questions continued to swirl about whether Martin could transition to the faster pace of the NBA G League. Since that point, Martin has adjusted just fine. He’s played more comfortably with his teammates and is getting his numbers in the meantime.

The offense has been one important aspect in Martin’s game. Except his rebounding and shot-blocking have been another factor as well. Martin has grabbed double-digit rebounds in eight of nine games played. He’s gotten position under the glass and used his strength to crash the boards. With blocking shots, it’s an example of Martin’s IQ and attention to detail. Martin has certainly become the best defensive presence for the Vipers this season.

Martin will continue his high level of play going forward. He may have been the 52nd pick in this year’s draft, but his game shows that he can compete with anyone in the NBA. The Vipers season is only four games away from ending. The team is a notch away from landing a potential eighth spot for a playoff position. Martin has had the privilege to play alongside great teammates in Porter Jr, Armani Brooks, and Anthony Lamb, who has emerged quickly in two games. There are still high hopes for the team to come together in four games and make the postseason.

Continuing to grow

The goal for Martin is to continue to develop over time. As he continues to shine in the G League, the Houston Rockets will soon recall Martin to add him back to their roster. Martin will look to continue to live up to his potential and continue to evolve as time passes.