The Crimson Tide women’s team has been under the radar this season. We witness what the men’s team has done on their side. But the females have done their part as well on the other end. One of the key stars for Alabama is point guard Jordan Lewis. The redshirt senior is making an effort to keep her team in the conversation amongst the top teams in the SEC.

Lewis is a point guard who has a tremendous body frame at her position. She has a broad body size and it’s an advantage that she uses against opposing point guards. Lewis’ strong suit on offense is looking to penetrate and absorb contact at the rim. As she brings the ball past halfcourt, she finds openings to run through and makes the most out of attacking. Again, with her size and strength, it is usually difficult to stop Lewis from attacking. As soon as she makes her move, she’s looking to complete the play with a high percentage look at the basket.

Lewis’ Season

Lewis this season is averaging 17.1 points per game on 42% shooting from the field. Playing alongside Jasmine Walker, Lewis makes sure to compete every night to take the pressure off her teammate. Lewis hasn’t had big scoring nights on a consistent basis. But she still allows herself to impact the game from different levels.

On offense, Lewis can transition to a great playmaker as she draws attention to find open players. As she either splits or rejects screens, Lewis is phenomenal at spotting her teammates anywhere on the floor. On the defensive end, she displays great activity by forcing turnovers to grab key steals and using her size as an anchor. Lewis is a fan favorite on the roster due to her engagement on the floor. It’s a big reason why Alabama sits amongst one of the top in their conference now.

Where to improve upon?

Lewis is more likely to be projected to enter the WNBA Draft after this season. She certainly has the tools to become a dynamic point guard for a franchise. But there are some holes in her game that do need improvement. Although not every player is perfect, it is okay to look into the flaws of a player to allow them to acknowledge their struggles. Lewis has the opportunity to improve as an overall initiator to become a dynamic point guard on the professional level.

One area Lewis can improve upon is developing more as a shot creator. This is not a disrespect to the way Lewis has the ability to shoot the basketball. When she spots up for a three pointer, she is nearly automatic when left open. Lewis does a phenomenal job at coming off screens to find herself a wide open. Now, imagine how dangerous she could be shooting off the dribble. That is an area where Lewis can certainly become better at. As a phenomenal playmaker, Lewis’ potential shot creation could make her a more dangerous player in the backcourt. Mid range jump shots to coming off the screen and getting her shot off could make Lewis a more dynamic, offensive weapon.

Another area where Lewis can improve upon is better ball control. Unfortunately, there have been numerous games this season where she has had more than three turnovers in a game. Many of them were costly turnovers that may have changed the dynamic of the game. Going forward, Lewis must clean up the turnovers. Having consistent ball control at her position is important for a contending team. Limiting turnovers will allow Lewis to open more opportunities for her and her teammates.


Jordan Lewis shows to be a hungry, dynamic guard who loves to win. You can see how dedicated she is as she returned to Alabama for another spectacular season. As Alabama sits at number seven in the SEC rankings, the team has strides of making it to the top of the list. Both Lewis and Jasmine Walker will continue leading the way. Although the team suffered a gut wrenching defeat against South Carolina, Alabama still has time to come together to make a run.