Through the course of his career, many speak on the evolution of Seth Curry as an NBA player. But do NBA GM’s and front offices feel the same way about him? It is understandable that the NBA is a business. Sometimes they must make decisions for the better of their team. But, the thing is, Seth Curry has been a part of eight organizations in the last eight seasons.

It was understandable for Curry to be bounced around in his first few seasons. The kid showed NBA promise, but wasn’t particularly prepared for what the next level had in store from him. Despite overcoming obstacles, Curry’s insane work ethic allowed him to improve as time passed on. By the time he got to Dallas in 2016, Curry was the starting point guard in 42 of his 70 games by providing a spark on the offensive end. The more he showed improvements, the more opportunities he would see later in Portland in 2019 and another run in Dallas in 2020.

Now, Curry finds himself in Philadelphia, a team who is destined to make their way to the Finals. He fits right in to what the team needs as far as perimeter shooting. Last season, the team lost players in JJ Redick and Jimmy Butler. Due to their departure, there wasn’t much floor spacing that occurred on the Philadelphia roster. Curry fills that void with his tremendous shooting ability. His main priority is to come off screens to get himself wide open for shots. As high of an IQ Ben Simmons has, he has certainly made an effort to find Curry on a spot up jumper.

Through eight games this season, Curry is averaging 17 points per game on a terrific 60% from the floor. The important scenario for him this season is that he can’t seem to miss. With the MVP caliber season Joel Embiid has displayed, it allows for him to receive a lot of attention on the offensive end. In the process of that, Curry has stayed ready to shoot and is making the defense pay.

January 6th was a prime example of Curry catching fire from beyond the arc. Going against a pathetic defense by the Washington Wizards, Curry torched the team on every opportunity. He shot 11-14 from the field along with 6-7 from the three point line. Not only was Curry knocking down perimeter shots, but he also found openings to the rim for layups. The Wizards’ defense just never recovered from the performance the Sixers put on that night. Even Bradley Beal scoring 60 points couldn’t get the team over the hump. Curry’s offensive explosion was one of the focal points in the team’s victory.

As the season progresses, Curry must continue to prove that Philadelphia should remain as his home. He has shown that he can bring a lot to the 76ers rotation and compliments both Embiid and Simmons on the court. Numerous critics have complained about Philadelphia’s lack of spacing throughout last year. Well, Curry’s presence fills the void for the team. The Sixers have a chance to make the NBA Finals this season. They will need everyone to play at a high level in order to overcome a tough Eastern Conference.

The elevation of Seth Curry will only continue from here on out. No, he will never be as legendary as his older brother. But Curry still puts on a show with his ability to light up the floor. As the Sixers look to remain contenders for years to come, Curry is a piece that should remain on their roster from here on out.