To start off the game The Celtics looked really good. When the Heat didn’t look shook in the 1st half , I could tell the Celtics switched the game plan a bit. The Heat are known for coming out of the half and known to correct there mistakes as they did.

The game ultimately came down to turnovers. The Celtics has 20 turnovers which is entirely too many. If they cut at least half of those turnovers into shots, they would have mostly like won the game. The Celtics have been giving Miami a run for their money both games and that speaks volumes. They have given Miami the beat challenge this playoffs, which is why I think this series could go to seven.

Obviously, we all have emotions and that showed in the Celtics locker room. With some heated discussions were between Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart, which later involved the whole team. Hopefully, Boston can overcome their drama in the locker room because this can cost them the series. Boston is in win now mode right now. Although they’re young, they have solid chance this year and were widely expected to win this series to advance to the finals. But true colors always show and Miami clearly looks like the team that was most prepared.