For many athletes growing up, the goal is to always receive a Division 1 scholarship to a dream University. With the hard work that young kids put in during their high school and AAU days. They only want to be recognized as one of the top prospects in the country as playing basketball has always been a dream to them.

Jalen Green has recently announced that he will be playing in the G League next season. Green, who was the number one recruit and a McDonald’s All-American this past season, is looking to take a different route as he is prepared to start his professional career right away.

Over the past few years, this has been the norm for High School prospects and others. Lavar Ball pulling his kids out of school to have them play overseas. Even RJ Hampton made the decision to start his pro career. Although there were many outsiders who criticized the moves that were made, it benefitted the players both at a prospect rate and at a financial rate.

After a year of playing pro ball overseas, both LaMelo Ball and RJ Hampton are top picks to come out of this year’s NBA Draft. Their decision going overseas has helped them continue to pad into their game. Also by adding to their craft and learning how to play with the physicality with grown men as well. Their experience has been a splendid one for the two and they’ll carry their experience in order to have a great NBA career going forward.

Green is looking to take his game to the next level by going to the G League next season. The G League has always been overlooked as an association with lower-tier talent. But in reality, the play of the G League has always had a competitive nature and an opportunity to develop young talent before shipping them off to the NBA later in time.

With making the decision, Green has the opportunity to be paid alongside a full-ride scholarship to go to college as well. The decision puts the NCAA program in a tough predicament as going forward there will be a possibility of prospects choosing to go different directions.

The NCAA should possibly find ways to give their players a profit that they’re bringing to the organization. Full-Ride scholarships are an excellent accomplishment for a student to receive. But as a box office talent that’s going into a program and everyone is coming out to see them; it’s deserving that they get rewarded a certain percentage of the profit that they’re bringing into the NCAA.

Jalen Green has made the decision that will influence many prospects in the future. With the decisions out of High School changing over the past few years, players are looking to find a different route that will help with their game individually and financially.

Expect Green to continue to grow and evolve as a player. With him playing in the G League next season, he can learn the ins and outs of being a pro early. In addition, his teammates can guide him as he continues his journey of becoming a potential superstar. The world cannot wait to see what the future holds for Jalen Green.