There are a lot of inspiring stories when it comes to the game of basketball. In the route to success, many players have to take different routes in order to receive the recognition they deserve. Jay Scrubb is one of those players who just needed an opportunity to show the world his true potential. And with his top notch performance this past season at John A. Logan, Scrubb is getting the Golden opportunity to get drafted in the NBA next season.

Scrubb has been hungry all season to get the recognition he deserves. The one thing that stands out about him the most is that he is always in attack mode from start to finish of the game. Scrubb loves to attack the paint and is always looking for an opportunity around the rim. His ability to shred the defense and get to the rim gives him opportunities for a ferocious dunk or a chance to get two free throws.

Scrubb averaged 21 points per game during his two seasons at John A. Logan. His shooting percentage was 52% due to always scoring in the paint but also getting good looks on the perimeter as well. Scrubb has the ability to it the mid range jumper off the dribble along with making the three as well. Even though his three point percentage can make improvements standing as it dropped from 46% to 33% in a season, Scrubb can still manage to become a deadly player from beyond the arc in key moments of the game.

Scrubb is a very skilled player who can make a highlight play at any moment of the game. Anytime he has the ball in his hands, it’s dangerous to put him in 1 on 1 isolation with no help. He game is similar to D’Angelo Russell except with much more athleticism. Both Scrubb and Russell both lefty players who can create their own shot and also have the ability to get to the rim as well.

Scrubb has had many spectacular games this season. One of his notable games has to be against Wabash where he scored 40 points in a big win. Scrubb was able to take over in the 2nd half and bring energy to his team as they ran away with the lead after a close score for the majority of the game. It was an absolute show that was put on from Scrubb and his teammates.

With Scrubb finally having the opportunity to play in his hometown at the University of Louisville, he decided to keep his name in this summer’s NBA Draft looking for a chance to showcase his talent at the highest level.

Scrubb will be a sleeper in this summer’s draft. For a guy who did not play under Division I basketball, Scrubb’s energy and tenacity will hopefully have him looked upon as far as the late first round of the draft. What organizations will get out of the kid is a young man who is all about business and always shows up to work on a daily basis. Any team that picks Scrubbs in the draft will not be disappointed with the decision that they made to select him.

As Scrubb moves forward in his NBA journey, the kid should improve on penetrating going to his right. Although Scrubb indeed has the ability to go right, he can make that more of a strong suit to his game to make his game more dimensional. He is a versatile player going left and turning off his left shoulder, so working on his right hand game would make Scrubb an even more dangerous player.

There’s a reason why Jay Scrubb was the best JUCO player this past season. He was just flat out better than everyone else. Looking at his game, he finds different ways to improve as a player and always stays motivated to improve as a teammate as well. It’s nearly impossible that he will be a top pick in the draft this year due to coming out of the NJCAA. But with the way this kid plays and how he continues to improve, his name will be called upon for an organization that will hopefully embrace him going forward.