As everyone knows, a torn Achilles is one of the most gruesome injuries an athlete can ever face. You lose some athleticism and somehow you’re not quite the same as you once was. But looking at players in Dominique Wilkins and Kobe Bryant, there just may be an opportunity for Forward Breanna Stewart to come back this season stronger than ever before.

Stewart suffered a torn Achilles injury in the EuroLeague Title game overseas during her time with the Dynamo Kursk. The horrific injury caused her to miss the 2019 WNBA season and continue to rehab her injury. It’s just been unfortunate to watch Stewart have her career on hold due to this injury. But she has been destined to come back stronger than ever for her Storm teammates.

The year prior to her injury, Stewart was just getting started on her path to be the best WNBA player on the planet. She averaged 21.8 points per while shooting a career best 53% from the field. She was continuing to develop as a talented player and leader overall in her third season. Her exceptional numbers was able to award her the MVP Award that season along with a WNBA Championship and Finals MVP.

When the Storm drafted Stewart in 2016, it was for sure that they were ready to go in a new direction to continue their dominance in the league. With Sue Bird slowly declining due to age and injuries, Stewart was there to change the whole dynamic of the team with her dominance and demeanor.

As Stewart has transitioned into each season, her numbers improved tremendously and she continued to show she could arguably be the best player on the planet. But unfortunately, that level of dominance that she brings has to be put on hold as Stewart must make sure she was fully healthy before stepping out on the court again.

After a long hiatus, Stewart returned to the floor playing for Team USA on January 27th against her Alma Mater UConn. She played 17 minutes that game and tried to get a feel for the game again after the time off. For the most part she went back to her X’s and O’s by spacing the floor and getting herself a wide open three from the right wing. Many knew that once she officially got her feel for the game again, Stewart would have her groove back just like she did before the injury.

What are the expectations from Breanna Stewart this season? After dealing with injuries from multiple players on the roster, the Seattle Storm are ready to become contenders once again. They did not get a chance to really defend their crown last season, but this year they will be ready to take on the challenges of Washington, Phoenix, Los Angeles, etc.

Stewart should more likely be ready to go by the season opener. She may have a rough patch in the beginning of the season. But with the trust of her teammates along with the brilliance of Dan Hughes, expect Stewart to have a season to remember and she will be ready to compete once each war starts off.

Breanna Stewart may have had a minor setback, but that won’t stop the WNBA Champion from returning to her old self. Regardless of what anybody says, players should fear her presence once she gets back to the swing of things on the court. Just a couple of games for Stewart could make her back to normal and there’s a possibility she can shut the league down again with her new level of dominance.