Bradley Beal has had numerous scoring outburst through the course of the season. But how much has that helped his team? None! With no John Wall for the entire season along with playing alongside with many young guys with little experience, the Wizards have failed to surround Beal with veteran guys who can contribute to a win on a nightly basis.

The title is what it is because Beal understood what he was coming into prior to the season beginning. The Wizards expected to be without John Wall for most of the season and the team had no hope for making a run in the Eastern Conference. With that being said, Beal decided to sign an 2 year extension of $72 million dollars to stay in Washington prior to the season beginning.

Let’s not get it twisted, Beal deserves every penny that has been given to him. For a guy of his caliber, he has elevated his game each year since his rookie season and has been showing the world that he is an elite Guard in the East. But although Beal is getting paid, his play has been overlooked because the Wizards are very bad an inexperienced. Many have said that him being overlooked was one of the reasons why he did not get a roster spot for the All-Star game which should have been well deserved.

Beal is averaging 29 points per game and shooting 45% from the field. That’s terrific numbers for a guy who has been a leading factor for a team. But due to much inconsistency out of the young team not having much help for Beal, the Wizards have been out of the playoff picture all season with a possible chance of not making the playoffs again for the 2nd consecutive season.

The Wizards are ranked 30th in defense giving up 115 points to their opponents. The team has been soft for most of the season allowing teams to run all over them and have allowed easy baskets to their opponents. And for a guy like Beal, who has never been much of a defensive player anyways, it makes things much worse when there is no defensive anchor for the franchise. Looking at their defensive stats, they’re pretty fortunate to even be the 9th seed right now in the Eastern Conference. If Beal were to not have the scoring season that he is having, then the Wizards would be in a much worse situation then they are now.

Beal has had to carry a load by himself all season. He may have had great contributions from Isaiah Thomas, Davis Bertans, and others. But the impact is not there from the other guys which has made Beal have to carry the load and still fall short. The Wizards front office should have used an opportunity to grab some key players during this season’s trade deadline. But once again they fall short by not surrounding the best talent around their star player.

Beal has been frustrated the past couple of games. Anyone would if they scored 50+ points in back to back games and the team continues to lose game after game. Beal may have not came out publicly with his frustrations but his face says it all when he is sitting on the bench suffering in defeat. And no one should blame him whatsoever.

Beal is at the point in his career where nothing should matter more than winning. He’s been to the playoff many times and has fell short in each of those years. There is no question that he expects more out of himself and the Wizards to exceed the expectations that they put on themselves before the season starts. If the Wizards continue to struggle and not surround Beal with some players who can help him win, then who knows what the future holds for Beal.

Beal has a player option at the end of the 2022 season so it will be interesting to see what will happen for him up to that point. A trade could likely happen before that point where a franchise would gladly pick up his contract and build a team around him. Many people want him out of Washington to play elsewhere next season. And who could blame him for wanting to do so? But Beal has a special connection with the people in D.C. so it will be hard to make that move after promising the fans an additional couple of seasons. Beal has to make sure that he makes the right move that will benefit both himself and his career that will hopefully lead to winning championships in the meantime.

Many will say that Beal made the mistake of extending his contract with the Wizards. But he has expressed that he wants to stay in Washington and do as much as he can during his time there. Only thing is that you can only do so much for a franchise that seems as if they’re not doing enough for you.

The Wizards gave him the money but they failed to give him a team to win around. It may be time for Beal to part ways with Washington whether it’s via trade or using his player option in a couple of years. If Beal decides to make his way out and go to a championship contender, he will have no regrets and will have a much better chance at winning a championship.