Marquette has a history of using their guards to lead the way. We look at D. Wade during his time and how they were able to succeed. Doc Rivers was a big X-Factor during his time as well. And even Jimmy Butler was able to have great seasons for the school during his tenure. So it’s no question that this school was glad to have recruited Point Guard sensation Markus Howard from Henderson, Nevada in 2016.

Howard may have a small frame standing at 5’11 and weighing at 180 lbs. But this kid makes up for it by always being in attack mode and using his basketball IQ to the max when he is on the floor. Since this kid has been at the school, Howard has evolved into a phenomenal all around player coming into his senior season. The coaching staff has worked with him diligently over the years and it’s without a coincidence to see how much he has improved to be the player that he is now.

Howard is a bonafide scorer to say the least. This guy can space out the floor better than any other player in college hoops and can create his own shot at any given time. He gives the defense fits with his ability to score from both the perimeter and around the paint; which makes him the reason why he is the number one offensive player in the country today.

Howard this season is averaging 28 points per game (which is #1 in the country) while dishing out 3 assist as well. Many seemed to have criticized Howard for not changing his game to more of a point guard style, but the way he can put the ball in the basket it doesn’t matter. The team looks to him for the offensive production and when the defense is more focused on him, he has the ability to kick it out to one of his teammates in Sacar Anim, Koby McEwen, and others!

It was a tough decision for Howard to return to Marquette this season after playing for three years, but looking at his performance along with the team success, one will say that he has no regrets on deciding to stay. “What it all came down to was what’s best for me” Howard stated in an interview.

Looking back, Howard for sure has no regrets for his decision that he made. He had a chance to make another run again with some great teammates along with continuing to develop as a player before making a decision to enter the NBA Draft.

Howard’s performances this season have been off the charts. His best performance of the season is when he scored 51 points against USC during the Orlando Invitational.

Howard started this game aggressively looking for his shot and torching the defense in the midrange game and beyond the three point line. He was also able to find teammates and set them up around the rim as well. Marquette went on ahead and defeated USC 101-79 and dominated the entire way behind Howard’s impressive performance.

Howard has been impressive during his entire college career. But being the competitive player that he is, there is no question he wants more for himself and his team as he wants to make a push in the NCAA Tournament for a National Championship. They have always been one of the top teams in the Big East since Howard’s freshmen season. But they have failed to get over the hump to get to the ultimate goal that they dreamed of making.

So that is the goal that Howard has set on himself and his team to represent his school. His goal is to show the country what the guys are made of and do whatever is necessary to bring a trophy back to campus.

It is uncertain if Howard will declare for the 2020 NBA Draft after this season, but if he were to then his stock value would rise and he could easily become a first round draft pick. He may not have the same amount of recognition as the other prospects, but his talent fits in right with those other guys. The future of Markus Howard seems to be bright and everyone will anticipate his next move.