Early this afternoon of January 26th, the legendary Kobe Bryant passed away at age 41. The helicopter that he was on crashed over Calabasas in a terrible accident. Kobe was taken far too soon. He was the true definition of a legend, and will be remembered forever as one.

Few possess the intensity and will to win that Kobe had, he was a force that was rare for the league to see. Any basketball fan knows who he is, and even if you don’t watch basketball you’ve definitely heard his name. His career was something truly special from beginning to end and there will never be another player like him.

Bryant celebrating with fans as he captured his 5th NBA Title in 2010.

Personally, I grew up watching Kobe intently and he and his career meant a lot to me. I used to walk out into my driveway and practice his post-fade, among other moves, until I got them exactly right. I’ll never forget watching him score 60 in his last game and putting an exclamation mark on one hell of a career.

Thank you, Kobe Bryant, for your contribution to the game and world, both on and off the court.