As we know, the trade deadline is coming up next month. I’ve put together some trades I think could be beneficial to both teams.

  • Washington ships Beal to Pelicans in return for Etwuan Moore, Hill & their top 10 pick (number 6).

For the past few seasons, Washington has underperformed due to a mixture of injuries and lack of talent. I personally would ship out John Wall as well and go into full rebuild. It’s best to just restart at this point. On the Pelicans end, they’re a young team with a lot of potential and Bradley Beal would at least make them a mid-level playoff team.

  • Kevin Love swap with Denver Nuggets’ Paul Millsap

Denver has a stud in rookie Michael Porter Jr. That being said, Paul Millsap is looking a bit more expendable in their offense. I suggest this trade because you can never go wrong with more shooting and Denver could definitely use a 4/5 who can stretch the floor on offense. As for Cleveland, it’s best to deal a player who doesn’t want to be there. Such a situation can create locker room problems and distrust among teammates.

  • Love to Portland
  • Kevin Love would prefer to be traded home to Portland in exchange for Hassan Whiteside. Whiteside is on an expiring contract and there’s only a million dollar difference in their contract. Whiteside has not achieved what Portland expected of him this year just as he did not when Miami signed him to his lucrative deal in the first place. This trade would make the most sense.
    • D’Lo gets shipped to Minnesota!

    Although I would like to see Russell on a fully healthy Warriors team, it would make more sense to try and get something back for him. The 3rd team in this case would be Detroit who is also taking calls for their star player. Detroit has been looking to move Drummond which would fit well with the Warriors plans to acquire a big. The Pistons would receive Teague from Minnesota, as well as, Cauley-Stein from GS along with a first-round pick. The Warriors add Drummond who would fit perfectly with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. They also add Robert Covington who is one of the best 3 & D players in the league. Minnesota gets D’LO to pair along with his best friend KAT. EVERYONE WINS!