Two-way signee PJ Dozier has been playing exceptional in the NBA G-League this season. His spectacular performance from the past couple months has been able to award him player of the month as he has displayed some notable performances during his time working to get his name recognized by GM’s in the NBA.

After being assigned to the Windy City Bulls from the Denver Nuggets, it was Dozier’s job to deliver what he needed for his team so that he could get recognition from the NBA. This guy is a very long two guard who has the abilty to punish his defenders on the defensive end. With his length and his frame, Dozier is able to get a shot off whenever he has a chance to and usually has the advantage shooting over the defense. Over the past couple of seasons developing his game, Dozier is slowly progressing to be a great scorer in the game and seeks to be assertive every opportunity.

Doziers numbers this city for the Windy City Bulls have improved over the course of the past couple of seasons. So far, he’s shooting 43% from the field averaging 21 points per game ranking him to be top 15 in the G League in scoring. His development is working so far and teams are happy to see him add more skill to his game all around. Although he does not currently have his chance to be on an NBA roster, Dozier has taken advantage of playing in the G League and it is paying off so far.

Although Dozier’s game has taken a big leap, another part of his game that has been under the radar has been his leadership. So far this season, Dozier has show much poise and togetherness setting an example for his team to stay focused even during the tough situations during a game. “It just comes from experience.” Dozier said during an interview. “Just having a couple years on my belt helped me create those characteristics”.

The more years this kid has under his belt, the more mature of a player he becomes. With Dozier being apart of the association for three seasons now, he has seen ways to become a better leader by learning from those who see ahead of him. If Dozier continues to grow as an individual on the floor as far as leadership, he will most definitely see himself have a spot back on an NBA roster where he belongs.

As Dozier is growing, there are still some aspects to the game that he needs to improve upon. The most important factor that needs to be improved is his decision making on the floor. Anytime Dozier is given the ball, he often seems hesitant on what he should do as far as making a play happen. There’s a moment where he either wants to pass to a teammate to get others involved or create a shot for himself. Hopefully Dozier will improve on that in the future. No matter what decision he makes with the basketball, he just needs to become comfortable that he made the right play for his team no matter what.

Another aspect that Dozier should possibly work on is adding more weight to his body. Looking at Dozier, he has a Latrell Sprewell type body where he is very lean with little muscle to his frame. Luckily, that hasn’t stopped him from getting to the basket at times as Dozier still attacks the basket with explosiveness. It would be great to see Dozier to add about 10 pounds of muscle which would put him at 215 lbs. A little bit of time in the weight room everyday would benefit Dozier in a positive way, especially once he gets called back into the NBA.

After great performances at the beginning of the season and during the Winter Showcase last month, the Windy City Bulls have improved over the course of the season and they now have a .500 record thanks to the production of PJ Dozier. The season is winding down and the team is just a spot outside of being in the playoffs in the Eastern Conference. With Dozier leading the team in all categories, there is no question the team goes through him as he runs the show and is the reason behind their success. As the season winds down, the combo guard will be put to the rest on whether he can get the Bulls to the playoffs or not once it’s all said and done.