If one were to be curious to know what is going on with women’s hoops, one of the top news would revolve around Paige Bueckers and her dominance in High School. Paige is an exceptional combo guard with a huge amount of talent. With being ranked the number 1 player in her class, Paige is leading the pact for female players and putting the world on notice with her efficient play throughout her high school career.

Paige is a superstar in the making! One thing that is noticeable about her is that she loves to put on a show everytime she steps on the floor. She’s able to set the tone on the offensive end for her team and create opportunities for everyone else. It seems as if she’s had to play under a little bit of pressure this season, but she has responded in a positive way by displaying great play through the course of the year.

Paige and the Hopkins Royals have gotten off to an excellent start through the first part of the regular season. The team has set the tone early to their competition with who they are and what their purpose is for this season. And there is no doubt that the number 1 player in the country is the reason behind the team’s success.

Paige so far is averaging 20.6 points per game along with 8.2 assists as well in her senior season. She is once again reminding the world how great she is and all eyes have been on her since the beginning. She has been showcasing her athleticism and has been in attack mode despite all of the adversity she has been through early in the season. The UConn commit is giving the world a preview of how things are going to be once she begins her college career next season.

The expectations for Paige as she transitions to college will be to continue to improve as a leader. During an interview, she explains how she and UConn have had a mutual interest since she was in 8th grade. “I always thought of them as one of the best programs in the country.” Paige stated. “Once I went to visit, it was everything was dreamed of.”

The women’s team at UConn have been dominant for a long time so Paige choosing their program over others was potentially the smartest move she made. The coaching staff has a history of using their players correctly and developing them to be the highest potential that they could possibly be. It’s safe to say that Paige chose the right destination to continue her basketball journey alongside develop into a better player and leader on and off the court.

After having much recognition the past couple of years, Paige has shown favor of who she plays similar to and who motivates her on the court every day. One player for instance could be Phoenix Mercury Guard Diana Turasi. Looking at Turasi’s willingness to win a game for her team and her determination on the court, Paige shows much similarities in that favor. Besides all of the flashy plays that she displays during the game, she understand when it’s time to buckle down and her team can always count on her during crunch time.

Another player Paige favors is Warriors Guard Stephen Curry. No, she does not have the shooting ability that Curry has as of YET, but they show similarities as far as flashy plays and quickness around the floor. Curry tends to be one of Paige’s favorite players, and she always praises him for his work and also helping her develop at his basketball camp this past season. With the way she puts on a show for the crowd, it may be safe to say that Paige could be the Steph Curry of women’s basketball and people would go out their way to watch her perform every single night.

Once Paige transitions from High School to college, she will only get better from here. The staff at UConn will put her in the best position to be successful and the world will see how her game evolves as time goes on. She plans to take on every challenge that is in front of her and will find a way to overcome each obstacle that is faced. Although it is still very early in her basketball career, it is still safe to say that Paige will become women’s hoops next big thing in the future!