The Miami Heat have been one of the most surprising teams in the Eastern Conference this year. With the acquisition of All-Star Jimmy Butler leading the pact, the team has been competing every night and put up huge numbers across the board. With all the hype that has been around Butler, Kendrick Dunn, and even Bam Adebayo, there has been one player in Miami that has also been spectacular and has played his role effectively; and that is their wing player Tyler Herro.

After watching Herro play last season at Kentucky, there was no question that Herro would be a deadly weapon going into the NBA. Not only is he a deadly shooter from beyond the arc, but Herro can show explosiveness as he can get himself to the rim whenever he is in attack. Although his frame can be on the small size as he is bit skinnier than his defenders, no one would tell by the way he asserts himself on the floor. His energy on the floor seems to give Miami more momentum on the basketball floor which is why he is a big factor to this Heat team.

Herro this season is averaging 14 points off the bench for Miami. Any time Erik Spolestra has called his number to check in, Herro has not been a disappointment. He has had his ups and downs this season being a young rookie, but for the most part Herro has been very assertive on the basketball floor and has had a great read for the game. Early in the season Herro has come to accept his role and has played in huge moments so far for the Heat.

“Miami is going to love this kid” Jimmy Butler stated to the press one night. As much of a surprise as Herro has been to begin the season, to some it is not as surprising because he played significant during the summer league as well. Herro averaged 19 points during that time and was assertive from the beginning to end. Many reporters were raving about this kid during the entire summer as many believe that Herro can become and elite all around player in the NBA.

A couple of key games this year for Herro was on October 29th when he scored 29 points against the Hawks and had 7 rebounds. He was aggressive from the start as he scored 17 points in that quarter alone and it helped him carry the momentum for the rest of the game. Herro continued to get into the throat of the defense of Atlanta and made them pay everytime he scored.

Another notable game from Herro was this past week was against the Chicago Bulls where he scored 27 points as he made really big plays in clutch moments for the Heat. Herro would hit four three pointers in both the end of regulation and in overtime to seal a 108-105 victory on Sunday night. When the Chicago defense were keeping their eye on the all-star Jimmy Butler, Butler would continue to feed Herro open at the top of the key each time and make huge shots when given the opportunity.

It’s obvious that Herro has a lot of talent as a basketball player. But the question is will he receive more recognition around the association as he deserves? Kendrick Nunn has been the rookie to receive all the hype in South Beach as he has been playing out of this world through the first month of the NBA season.

But everyone seems to not put their attention towards Herro for some particular reason. The more the kid plays the better he’ll more likely get. Herro is that one unbelievable talent that can’t be ignored through the rest of his career and everyone should begin to take notice now.

In conclusion, Tyler Herro has been spectacular to begin the season. The team is winning games and Herro has been one of the biggest news for Miami coming off the bench. Although this is only his rookie season, he is showing signs that he was born ready for the NBA floor and has not been a disappointment so far. He’s a fan favorite and a team favorite as everyone enjoys his presence in Miami so far.

With Miami’s success thus far, Herro will continue to play huge minutes for the Heat and hopefully he’ll have another huge game like he did in overtime against Chicago on Sunday night.