Some of the biggest news so far this season has came around Patrick Beverley and his trash talking. With the Clippers destroying teams such as the Lakers, Warriors, etc. it’s really no doubt that one should sh*t on their competition the way Beverly is doing right now. And although his play has not shown that much on the stat sheet, his play on the floor defensive wise backs up his talking as Beverly always gives his defenders a tough time on the court.

But while Beverley’s trash talking has been big news for the media thus far, this really hasn’t been anything new for Beverley as he has made a living for trash talking his whole career. He loves to get into the head of his opponent hoping they lose focus and confidence in the game and in some cases he has found much success doing that for his team.

We look in the past at how Beverley would trash talk Russell Westbrook. Ever since the 2013 playoffs when Beverley “supposedly” tore Westbrook’s meniscus, tension has been between the two ever since. And even though Westbrook is a much mature player than what he once was, It still seems to bother Westbrook a tad when both he and Beverley still go head to head against one another.

Another example of Beverley barking on the court could be when he shut down Lonzo Ball in his Lakers debut. With all the talk that Lavar Ball (Lonzo’s father) was making prior to his son’s NBA debut, Beverley made sure to send a message to the number 2 pick in the draft at the time and allow him to know what defense is like in the NBA. Beverley trash talked and held his ground against Ball the entire game, which caused Ball to lose confidence in the middle of the game.

“I just had to set the tone” Beverley stated in his postgame interview against the Lakers. Beverley also went on to state that it was no hard feelings against the then rookie Ball, but his father’s words were what motivated him to play lock down defense the entire game.

Steph Curry, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and among others are also players that Beverley has stepped to and have given them problems on the defensive end of the floor. Many will call Beverley the rough rider of their team. He is always the one who brings toughness to the team and is never afraid to scrap with the opposing player, even if it is the team’s best player at times.

So with all the talk about Patrick Beverley making trash statements towards players or even taunting the Warriors fans for leaving the arena early, this is nothing that Patrick Beverley hasn’t done since he’s been in the NBA. He has a mixture of Gary Payton and Lance Stephenson formula where he likes to get into his opponents head and force them to lose focus out of the game. If people believe that Beverley is a big problem now early in the season, imagine how he will be once the postseason arrives as the Clippers expect to make a deep run in the playoffs this spring.