Zaire Wade (son of former NBA superstar Dwyane Wade) is a 17 year old 6 foot 3 Point Guard who is entering his senior season at Sierra Canyon High School. With his first and only season with the team, Wade is looking to lead the team to have a successful season, which will hopefully lead to a title once the season is over.

Zaire is an exceptional combo guard who has a deadly jumper and can slash into the paint at will. Wade also has a great court vision as well as he is able to get his teammates involved on the offensive end and dish out assists around the floor.

With being the son of an NBA legend, people believe that there is no doubt that Zaire has the upmost potential to be a phenomenal player in the future. Being bothered by these statements and stereotypes, Z. Wade wants to make a name for himself instead of walking in his fathers shoes.

“When somebody calls me Dwyane Wade’s son, a lot of people think it’s easy.” Zaire explained in an interview with Overtime. “It’s sad that people think that I don’t do anything, but all it does is motivate me.” It’s for certain that Zaire wants to be recognized by his hard work and dedication to the game instead of having a “free ride” because he is the son of an NBA legend.

The move to Sierra Canyon will benefit Zaire in a lot of ways. One reason is because he will receive much more recognition being in the Los Angeles area. Secondly, because he is going to be playing alongside some great talent in Bronny James (son of LeBron), Ziaire Williams, Latham Wigington, etc. Head Coach Andre Chevailier is looking forward to taking this team over the hump and continue the success that the school has had over so many seasons.

Zaire Wade may not be one of the top ranks in the nation, but he’s one guy that every scout should keep their eye on. If he continues to show the hard work and leadership that he has been showing over the course of this season, then there will be no choice but to recruit him for your team.

This kid is a highly talented prospect who has the potential to be great one day. And just like he says, it’s not because of his Dad that he is in the situation that he is in fore basketball, but it’s his dedication and motivation that fuels him to be great.